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On-demand answers to questions from your knowledge base

Ask A Question is a free and open-source tool created to help non-profit organizations, governments in developing nations, and social sector organizations utilize Large Language Models for responding to citizen inquiries in their native languages.


  • Responsible & Safe AI
    Implements guardrailed AI that is ethical, transparent, and secure

  • Local Languages (Coming Soon)
    Multilingual model support to enhance accessibility and experience

  • Scalable & Easy to Deploy
    Containerized app that can be deployed anywhere with minimal setup

  • Voice (Coming Soon)
    Ask questions and receive answers using voice memos

LLM-powered search: Answers questions to database content using LLM embeddings.

LLM responses : Craft a custom reponse to users using LLM chat

Deploy on WhatsApp : Easily deploy using WhatsApp Business API

Manage content : Use the Admin App to add, edit, and delete content in the database

See Full Roadmap

Looking for other features?

If you are a developing country government, NGO or a social sector organisation, we'd love to hear what features you'd like to see. Raise an issue with [FEATURE REQUEST] before the title to start the conversation.


The project is funded by through the AI for Global Goals grant.

Built and powered by IDinsight.